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About me

I'm Alexandra Couzens

Why am I here? Because I’m passionate about working with people. This business is fuelled by curiosity and a desire to walk alongside you on your unique journey. 

My background I’ve had a traditional career in large corporate organisations as a change management consultant advising people in lots of different sectors on how to design, embrace and implement change. Lots of my corporate experience and life skills can be translated into a wonderful place where I am also offering 1 to 1 coaching for individuals as well as working with smaller organisations embarking upon change.

My happy places  I thrive when connecting with people, whether over coffee or in deep conversations. I love being in nature, sometimes it brings me inspiration. 🌿  I love riding horses, swim in open waters (when it’s warm), and practice yoga. Plus, I’m exploring mindfulness coaching.

So, let’s embark on this journey. I’m looking forward to working with you




I'm confident and always attuned to others’ needs.


My values

These are the core of what make me tick. 



How often do we say - thanks for listening? Well I'm pleased to say that I love listening as well as talking. Listening to understand the conversation and the meaning behind it feels so nice and we all want to be heard!


Deep breaths and resilience

Life rarely unfolds perfectly on the first attempt. Being understanding and giving ourselves that deep breath to try again—that’s where growth lies. The journey involves experimenting, embracing novelty, and discerning what clicks and what doesn’t. 🌱✨



Choosing to be kind is to important, I treat everyone with equal respect. I help to create a safe space, listen deeply, and questions. Kindness; it’s the heart of effective conversations.



Fun and Enthusiasm

Where we can injecting fun and enjoying what we do its just makes things so much nicer and also more memorable

My values
Get in Touch

Get in Touch

I'm looking forward to chatting to you

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