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Why coaching?

 Whether it’s your life, business, career, or are few reasons that you might consider coaching.



You may seek more meaning in your life. Discovering what truly matters to you and expressing it can lead to greater fulfillment in life.



Going through a significant life transition—whether it’s starting a new business, new job moving to a new city, or getting divorced—can be challenging.



Wanting to navigate your professional journey? Are aiming for career growth, finding the right niche, or managing work-life balance



Amid life’s hustle, we rarely pause to reflect. Coaching provides that sacred space—a chance to think and explore. 


What is coaching?

I want to start with a quote:

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

Sir John Whitmore, coaching pioneer and Co-founder of Performance Consultants

I hope that coaching helps:

  • Provide a safe environment to unpack what you want to talk about, explore and talk this through,

  • Explore choices, identify some choices where you might have previously felt stuck

  • Discover - you might discover something new about yourself have insights into a challenge in a different way.

  • Space - Gives you some space in a busy life to pause and reflect and take time for you.


What to expect

Welcome to the first step on your journey. I'm here to help guide you along the way. You might be feeling excited, nervous, or worried, and that's perfectly normal.


I'm available for coaching in the evenings, so we can have a relaxing chat over a cup of tea or coffee. This is your time to focus on yourself and your goals, without any distractions.

Together, we'll work on your journey and create a plan that suits your needs, goals, and style.

Everyone has different needs for what they want from a coach. My approach is focussed on you (obvious to say). 

It is usually a 6 - 12 month journey and below I've shown a little of what to expect


Free Chemistry Call

right free

Meet each other, find out about you would like and how we  may work together. 

Typically 30 minutes


1st Session

Talk through your pre-coaching questionnaire

Define and clarify your goals and focus

Explore situations and barriers

Decide logistics on how we work together

Typically 90 minutes


1 -  2 - 1 Sessions (typically 5 sessions)


These sessions are focussed you

We'll focus on where you are now and how we can tailor an approach to get you to where you want to be. 



Keeping in touch

Between sessions there may be themes or questions that might come up where you might additional resources. We can discuss your requirements on how we keep in touch between sessions. .  

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Get in Touch

I'm looking forward to chatting to you

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