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It starts with the first step...and then the second one....

“If You Always Do What You've Always Done, You'll Always Get What You've Always Got.” ~ Henry Ford.

Well this could be a short post...but the quote (for me) says that if we want to make a change then what you might want to or need to do

differently? The things we do differently actually are a series of small, tiny or even large steps... BUT...before you think eek I'm not sure what to do next..shall we look at what you have achieved already before we even start our coaching journey together?

  • Step 1: You, the glorious reader have found this blog - and gone ah ha yes I love a powerful quote...

  • Step 2: You think hmmm yes I do want to do something a little different....might eek don't know where to start..I wonder how I might unpack, test, challenge my thoughts..perhaps it might seem a little tricky.. This is still a step to thinking about it and recognising that something different is needed. And hey you might stop your thinking there.? However......

  • Step 3: But wait...there is a website that Alexandra has written perhaps I'll read through this. As you scroll through the website and reading about my Yorkie bars or indeed how coaching might work for are

  • Step 4: You the reader, arrange a discovery phone call to find out a little bit more about how we would work together.

So yes..4 little steps even before you think you have started on the actions you want to take to help you achieve your goal, your burning passion the niggle that makes you think hey I want to do something different.

So go one...take the first four little can do it!!

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