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Advisory Services

Leveraging my change management and consultancy expertise, I provide tailored advisory services to small companies.

Project Focus Support

Bringing my chartered management consultant experience, Change management practitioner experience and years of experience and practial hints to help you craft, unravel and construct your corporate challenges now and what you want to look different and why. 


Where to start with your change journey


Have you tried lots of different actions, not sure what to do next in your company. Changes can often be hard to embed or manage whilst running your business. I will help to use some useful tools and techniques to help discover what is working, what isn't working and design something that works for everyone.  

Documentation review and recommendations

Sometimes an independent opinion is so helpful to look through what you have done already.  

I can discuss your requirements, review and provide recommendations on how to write, structure and produce compelling documents that are used and useful. 


Get in Touch

I'm looking forward to chatting to you

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